Body Wash – Fitness Towel


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The Binchotan Body Wash/Fitness towel is infused with binchotan – traditional Japanese oak charcoal. This charcoal is naturally anti-odor and anti-bacterial, which helps keep the towel fresh. The multi layer weave makes it incredibly soft, absorbent, breathable and quick to dry.

A smaller sized towel, this is ideal for those exercise sessions –  hot yoga, pilates, spin classes and more.

65% Rayon, 35% Cotton
All natural materials with no dyes or chemicals used during production.
Dimensions: 32cm x 85cm
Made in Japan


The Body Wash/Fitness Towel is made by Nawrap, a company founded in Nara, Japan in 1930 initially making mosquito nets.  Their traditional mosquito net fabric has since been adapted using traditional weaving technologies, into a line of multipurpose eco cloths. This absorbent, quick-drying fabric – is perfect for the home. It is high quality, durable and soft. Their expertly made natural line of towels is socially and environmentally responsible. Made from 100% natural materials this line of towels is carefully manufactured without chemicals or dyes. Easy on the skin and easy on the environment they is perfect for those looking for a softer touch.

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32cm x 85cm


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