Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes


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These Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes are the new earth-kind substitute for single use paper towels or Chux cloths.

Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, they cloths are soft and super absorbent. They won’t smell and will easily wash up time and again potentially saving you 65 rolls of paper towels!

Designed for multi-purpose cleaning + wiping on all surfaces, including glass. The bamboo reusable eco wipe will sort out all those food spills, wet hands and general cleaning.

Once you are done with them, you can bury them in your compost or garden to biodegrade.

Roll = 20 wipes which tear off perforated edge

Each cloth size: 27.5 x 28cm



Good Change produces natural, eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t cost the earth, giving you a choice in your shopping.  'Small steps can have a big impact on this amazing place we call home. And we truly believe we can all make a difference'




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