Arenga Fibre Hearth Brush


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The Arenga Fibre Hearth Brush is water resistant and fire resistant, making this the perfect brush for log fires or wet outdoor areas. Arenga fibre is difficult to beat for it’s hard wearing qualities and durability. It is ideally suited to applications where synthetics fail due to heat from friction. Arenga has an incredible heat resistance of up to 150° C and a flashpoint of around 200° C.

Set in FSC sustainably sourced beechwood, the arenga fibre hearth brush is 30cm long with a handy hanging hole at the end.



These German brush makers are nestled in a valley in the Black Forest where 5 generations of the same family have been making these brushes for over 150 years.  They use mostly FSC Certified beechwood, harvested locally from the mountains around them and occasionally pearwood.  The bristle materials vary depending on the brush but can be plant material: fibre and union fibre; animal hair from horses manes, long haired goats or bristle from hogs (all which are a by-product).  Truly the best there is!


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