About us

At Etico, we are genuinely passionate about enduring products of timeless quality and honest origin

Our Story

Their love of simple, beautifully crafted products that minimise the impact on our environment inspired Jo and Lauren to create Etico.  I am the new owner of Etico and hope to follow in their footsteps seeking out eco-friendly and timeless pieces that are better for you and better for our world.

We all believe in sustaining the qualities of skilled craftsmanship, traditional techniques, ethical employment and sustainable production. These qualities benefit cultures, consumers and the environment and they are at the heart of our business and brand.

At Etico the origin and story behind our items is just as important as their utility and beauty – that is why we take the time to get to know the people and the stories that are the essence of our collection.

We hope that the simple beauty of our sustainable products will bring pleasure to your home for years to come.

We value our customers and your feedback is important to us – so please feel free to contact us at hello@etico.co.nz.

Debbie x


Since 2016

Our hope is to inspire others to make thoughtful, sustainable and ethical choices for everyday living.

We take care to ethically source our products using three simple, meaningful criteria:

To benefit the environment:   products made from sustainable resources, with a low ecological impact and biodegradable to return to the earth at the end of life.

To benefit our makers:   supporting fair trade practices helps ensure a positive social impact and preservation of traditional skills.

To benefit you and me:   products made from natural materials and natural ingredients to limit our exposure to unnecessary toxins.

Why Choose Us


We see real value in items that are created by artisans with genuine passion and skill. Their back story brings life to the quality of their work.


We believe in using sustainable, and high quality natural materials to create products that are made to last.

Ethical Value

In sourcing our products, we look for universal accreditation such as GOTS, FSC, Fair Trade, Organic & Vegan that promote a greener way of living.

Our Eco Icons


There is something special about an item made by hand. You can see the care and integrity that goes into its development and every handmade product has a story. We like to know our Artisans and understand the passion behind their product. We support local and overseas artisans/craftspeople and believe that their livelihoods should be respected and cherished.


Natural Materials

We adore the materials that the earth provides and their tactile nature. We source 100% cotton and linen that is often organic but not necessarily certified. Other materials such as mango wood or jute are a renewable and sustainable resource.


Ethically Produced

Etico has a strong belief that no product should be created out of exploitation. We do the background research to ensure that our products are made in a facility that is safe, healthy and often Fair Trade (which ensures fair pay and a supportive social and economic environment). We do not condone child labour and will not stock products that are known to be made in such a facility.


Made in NZ

We are champions of local talent and proudly seek out quality NZ made products from like-minded producers. Buying NZ made supports our local economy, and reduces transit therefore reducing our carbon footprint.


Eco-friendly is a term that can include any product or practice that limits the negative impact on the environment. Many of our products are sustainable, by-products, recyclable or made from recycled products.